Privacy on Keybase

Only your intended recipients can access what you share and store on Keybase. No one else can access your data—not even Keybase, which also means we can’t and won’t ever sell it.

Public-key cryptography ensures your privacy and security on Keybase. But public-key cryptography means that some information is, well, public. For example, everyone on the internet can see your username. And, some public info can’t be totally deleted. To help avoid any confusion or embarrassing moments, we’ll lay it all out.

Data privacy

Your data is your data.

You can and should read our whole privacy policy. It’s not too long and you can skip around to find the info that’s most important to you.

The gist is that Keybase won’t sell or rent your data or content for any reason. Again, we can’t even access it. And, we’ll never rely on ads for revenue. Eventually, we may charge for special features for larger corporations. But individual and existing accounts will always be free.

Your data is secure.

Keybase can’t access your data and no one else can either. It may seem strange, but you don’t create a password when you set up your account. The cryptography Keybase uses is significantly more secure than passwords.

Learn more in Your account and Security.

Public info

Using public-key cryptography means that some of your info is public by default.

Anyone on the internet can search, find, and see your Keybase account and some details associated with it, including:

  • your username
  • device names
  • your public key
  • your followers and who you follow
  • social accounts that you use as proofs (e.g. Twitter, GitHub, Reddit)
  • anything else you choose to share on your profile—maybe a photo, short biography, or your location

Learn more in Your account and Security.

Blocking and reporting

You can control who can interact with you on Keybase. You can block and report people on an individual basis. You can also proactively restrict who can chat with you or add you to a team. Learn more in Chat.

When you block someone, they’ll no longer be able to chat, share files, or otherwise interact with you on Keybase. If you’re on a team together, you may still be able to see messages they share with that team. But you can also choose to block entire conversations and/or teams.

You can also remove people you block from your public list of followers. You won’t see them and their account will not be publicly associated with yours. But they can still follow you.

When you report someone, we review their account as quickly as humanly possible. We remove people that have violated our terms. Please provide additional information so we can remove spammers, abusers, and harassers even more quickly.