Command Line (CLI)
Keybase is more than a website. If you’re comfortable working in a terminal (and also if you’re not), you should download the keybase app. You can do so much with it: sign, verify, encrypt, generate messages, sign code, move keys around, etc., all using GPG for the crypto.

Trust, Following, Signature Chains, & Our Public Keys
Every account on Keybase has a public history. "Sigchains" let Keybase clients reconstruct the present without trusting Keybase's servers. And when you "follow" someone on Keybase, you sign a snapshot of your view of the claims in their sigchain.

Design, implementation and specification of Teams.

Information about Keybase's encrypted chat product.

The Keybase Filesystem
Our cloud-backed file system is live for all.

Stellar Wallet
A description of Keybase's Stellar wallet implementation.

Description of the design, implementation, and use of Keybase Git.

Documents describing Keybase's use of cryptography.

Bot Development
Information about Keybase bots and building your own.

Linux User Guide
Linux-specific information about installing, using, and customizing Keybase.

Lockdown Mode
A description of Lockdown Mode, recommended for users who want extra protection for their Keybase account.