Encryption for everything that matters

Keybase is a safe, secure, and private app for everything you do online.

Chat with friends and family. Share photos, videos, and top secret documents. Collaborate to get work done, or don’t.

Whatever you do, your data is your data. Private stuff stays private. Accounts are secure against spoofing, phishing, and scamming. You can chat, share, and collaborate safely.

Learn more in Keybase Book. Like Keybase, Keybase Book is open source. If you see something that needs improvement, create a new pull request or a new issue on GitHub.

  1. 01 Your Account Keybase accounts are trustworthy and secure. Learn how.
  2. 02 Chat Share messages and files with anyone.
  3. 03 Files Share and store photos, videos, and documents.
  4. 04 Teams Use Keybase Files, Chat, and Git with groups of people.
  5. 05 Sites Build and host a simple website.
  6. 06 Wallet Send, receive, and exchange funds.
  7. 07 Git Create and share private repositories.
  8. 08 Tools Encrypt, decrypt, sign, and verify messages and files.
  9. A Privacy Your data is your data. Learn more.
  10. B Security Learn how Keybase keeps your stuff safe.
  11. C Guides Learn how to use Keybase in the command line, in Linux, and more.
  12. D Docs Browse technical documentation.